At Dallas Forklift Service Inc., we recognize that every company has its distinctive training requirements; therefore, we strive to ensure that your needs are met.

About Our Training

We believe that safety training is the responsibility of every employer. It is about doing the right thing and keeping all employee’s safe.

Our expertise allows us to provide high-level material handling equipment training to all customers. Whether you’re a beginner learning for the first time, experienced, or looking for a refresher course, we offer the right course for you. Our training courses are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of your company and customize them to match your employee’s levels of capacity and experience. It makes employee’s aware about the hazards involved in functioning specific equipment.

Yale Training
Safety-Training Dallas Forklift Service

Our training services provide you with:

  • Responsibilities as a user and operator
  • All facets of access platform training
  • Conducting a pre-start inspection
  • Qualified instructors with extensive experience in all aspects of material handling
  • Tailored courses to match the needs of your company
  • Conducting a workplace inspection
  • Preventing accidents and identifying hazards in the operation
  • O.R.S registered licenses
  • Certification of qualification

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